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If you own a roofing company then you have come to the right place. Membership gives you the freedom to buy your products online to save you time. It also allows you to share this service with customers. As a member you will get special privileges.


  1. No credit check 
  2. Buy products on debit visa cash or certified checks COD.
  3. Ability to show customers what you will be installing on there home (No more driving around with sample boards)
  4. Free delivery services on most products
  5. Low cost delivery when your short products (We have a truck loaded with all the products you may need ready for you so you don’t have to stop)
  6. Add up the cost of a job in seconds when estimating
  7. Same day or next day delivery
  8. Discounts on all products
  9. 7 day a week customer support
  10. 24 hour call support for delivery confirmation, product information or what ever the case may be.
  11. Get a list of sub crews ready to work or be hired that is updated every day.
  12. See a list of what you buy

and much more……


Propert owner Memberships


If you want to become a member just give us a call or email us you company info and let us know what your expectations are, hopefully we can convince you to work with us for years to come.

The Roofing Store Welcomes you to a new membership for the fastest reliable roofing services in Canada. The Roofing Store is the fastest way to buy and estimate roofing products. The Roofing Store is about helping roofing contractor’s sell jobs and save time and money. We provide residential and commercial roofing materials.


In life and especially in business we all want to know that we are being looked after. When you shop online with us you get the ease of online shopping and face to face mobile service.


Find out about pricing and discounts by contacting us. Depending on the company we will set you up with a code. Over time you will save more and more.


Free roofing delivery service is only in Vancouver BC but we hope soon we can provide this service to all Canadians. (Some conditions apply..)


Call us before ordering or after to confirm orders and delivery times.


We service all cities and towns in BC, Alberta, Toronto and in some USA cities. Call if you live outside of Metro Vancouver for more information.