Roofing Products Vancouver

Roofing Products Vancouver

Roofing Products Vancouver “Granite Black’s rich contrast is formulated by applying a blend of two distinct black granules on the shingles’ surface, which creates unique tone variations, deep shadow bands and a dimensional shingle profile.”

– Mark Okland, Product Development Manager, IKO

NEW Granite Black with ArmourZone™

If you love the look of Cambridge Dual Black, be sure to try Dynasty™ Granite Black!
IKO Dynasty™ shingles with ArmourZone™ are now available in eight dynamic, high-definition colour blends including the newest addition, Granite Black. Ask your Sales Representative about Dynasty™ Granite Black for your next roofing project!

  • ArmourZone™ offers a 40% wider nailing area for easier installation and is “Advantage” size
  • Two nailing lines that are 1-1/4″ apart
  • 100 sq. ft. of coverage per 3 bundles = faster installation and lower job costs!

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Full Line of Dynasty Swatches


  • Size: 1038 mm x 349 mm (40 7/8” x 13 3/4”)
  • Exposure: 149 mm (5 7/8”)
  • Quantity per pallet: 56 Bundles
  • Coverage per package: 3.1 m2 (33.3 sq. ft)
  • Shingles per square: 60
  • Warranty Term: Limited Lifetime Material¹
  • Wind Resistance Warranty: Up to 210 km/h²
  • Fire Resistance Rating: Class A
  • Iron Clad protection period: 15 years
  • AR: Algae Resistant Granules


  • ASTM D3462
  • ASTM D3018
  • ASTM D3161- Class F
  • ASTM E108 – Class A
  • ASTM D715

Please note that Cambridge AZN Dual Black has been discontinued for Vancouver Island.
AR shingles come with Ceramic-Coated Copper Granules which provides an Algae Resistant layer of protection that won’t break down in UV light.
Product is designed and tested to comply with ASTM/CSA Standards at time of manufacture prior to packaging.
¹ See Limited Warranty for complete terms, conditions, restrictions, and application requirements.
² High Wind Application is required.
³ NOA # 15-0721.01 for Dynasty product with 6 nail application made in Kankakee. Expiry date 4/21/2021. For more information about Roofing Products Vancouver call us or start shopping.


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