Sub Crews

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Sub Crews


Roofing Sub Crews please submit your profile with pictures of your crew. If you have some of it or non of it we can set you up with a crew.

  1. You need a registered company to be a sub crew
  2. WCB
  3. Insurance (optional) will discuss
  4. Fall protection certificate
  5. Any Red seal information (optional)

Email us directly for faster service @ or call us at 1-855-288-ROOF

All our sub crews need to provide 3 references of companies or jobs they have done.


Please also provide years in the roofing trade, how many guys you have in your crew, what type of roofing you do etc. We will market your skill on-line and try and line you up with a local Contractor. We all deserve to get lots of work. Let’s work together.